RGB Furrow Triad

agriculture silo "grain auger" "Hay Bale" hay furrows "Boone County Missouri" rural "Boone County" Missouri Notley "Notley Hawkins" 10thavenue http://www.notleyhawkins.com/ "Missouri Photography" "Notley Hawkins Photography" "Light Painting" "blue light" "green light" blue green night nocturne 光绘 光繪 "Licht Malerei" "pintura de luz" ライトペインティング "प्रकाश पेंटिंग" "ציור אור" "اللوحة الضوء" "hay bales" field crops dirt abandoned sky "long exposure" March 2015 Triad Triptych "Missouri River Bottoms" "bottom land"
RGB Furrow Triad originally uploaded by Notley.
Rural light painting of a farm with hay bales and a grain silo with a grain auger near Hartsburg along the Missouri River bottoms in Boone County Missouri by Notley Hawkins Photography. Shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera with a EF17-40mm f/4L USM lens at f.4.0. Processed with Adobe Lightroom 5.7. Triptych created with Adobe Photoshop 2014.

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©Notley Hawkins

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