Loee Love

"Loee Love" Missouri Notley "Notley Hawkins" 10thavenue http://www.notleyhawkins.com/ "Missouri Photography" "Notley Hawkins Photography" Light "Light Painting" "green light" green 2014 March red "red light" "RGB Light Painting" "RBG Lights" 光绘 光繪 "Licht Malerei" "pintura de luz" ライトペインティング "प्रकाश पेंटिंग" "ציור אור" "اللوحة الضوء" portrait mermaid "Make up" "body painting" "blue light" model modeling "body paint" "Sue Giger" "Sue Giger Make up" shells "sea shells" "nautical make up" "dutch angle"
Loee Love, originally uploaded by Notley.
Light and body painting with Loee Love by Notley Hawkins Photography. Loee models a nautical mermaid look at Jon Asher's body paint party at the Talking Horse Theatre in Columbia Missouri. I used a red and blue gel on my flashes to acheive this look. Make up and painting by Sue Giger of St. Louis.


©Notley Hawkins

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